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September 2013



A Few of Our Favorite Things….

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À la Ritz - Favorite Things

We have compiled a small list of major splurges for your home. Some of these pieces are classics and here to stay, while others are chic trendy gems.

As we have said before, treating each room or area of your home as its own individual outfit, makes the decorating process much easier! We would consider this list of our favorite things to be ‘investment pieces’ (i.e. your little black dress, crisp white dress shirt etc…) Although these pieces are not necessarily ‘basics’, they are key to bringing a room together, and are part of the foundation of a space.


Let’s get started…

1) Luxurious Coffee Table

A coffee table is a must have for most living rooms and it’s also an opportunity to make a statement. They come in all different shapes, sizes, materials, colors etc… However we thought, why not step out of the box (pun intended), and use something a bit unexpected to hold (coasters required of course) your coffee, magazines and remotes? We chose something that is both a classic and a trend; an Antique Louis Vuitton Steamer Trunk. LV is a well established brand and not new to the scene, but using the steamer trunks that once travelled aboard the Titanic in your living room is a popular new trend.

À la Ritz - Antique Louis Vuitton Steamer Trunk from 1stdibs

Louis Vuitton Steamer Trunk from Mantiqyes Modern on 1stdibs.com
Price Upon Request

Regardless of what your coffee table specifications may be; short and wide, low and long, you can find the perfect piece of LV luggage to suit your needs. We came across a fantastic online store: 1stdibs.com who offer amazing quality antique Louis Vuitton Steamer trunks (among a number of other luxury brands). Many of their pieces, like the one featured in the image above, come with all of the original trays and in fantastic condition, be sure to check them out! The stunning patina on the antique leather, beautiful brass details, and the initials of its previous owners embossed on the canvas, makes this ‘coffee table’ a step above the rest!


2)Sumptuous Velvet Couch

When decorating a living room, many start by picking out the couch because it is really the heart of space and generally the most used piece of furniture in that space. A couch usually occupies a majority of the room and therefore must be both functional and aesthetically appealing. Which is why we have decided to include the perfect combination of both; a velvet couch. The multi-dimensional fabric hides a multitude of sins while also making a statement. A velvet couch is luxurious yet perfect for cozying up on and watching a movie. Style & Comfort ?!- who knew! You can see what we are talking about in the image below. House of Brinson Photography (House Of Brinson) captured the most stunning couch in this photo for Adore Magazine:

Velvet Couch

Photo by House of Brinson Photography for Adore Magazine

And last but certainly not least…


3)Calacatta Marble

Nothing exudes class and elegance quite like marble; of course granite and quartz certainly do try, it’s just not the same. Whether Marble is used as flooring, framing a fireplace, backsplash, counter top or floor to ceiling in a lobby, it is absolutely stunning. There is one type of marble in particular that has been hot lately and that is Calacatta marble (not to be confused with its cousin Carrara). Take a look at how Scavullo Design has so beautifully incorporated this beautiful material in their work featured on Dering Hall (see more of this gorgeous bathroom & house by going to http://www.deringhall.com/designers/scavullo-design) :

À la Ritz - Calacatta Marble - Scavullo Design Interiors

Scavullo Design Interiors, featured on Dering Hall

The Calacatta marble exudes a dramatic and bold combination of white and grey veining. It looks stunning paired with the gold or silver accents. The best part is that the color palette is soft and subtle so you can use as much a you wish in a room, and it will not overpower i.e. in the above image, it is used as both backsplash and countertop, and the finishing look is perfection.


We hope you have enjoyed the top 3 design elements that we are currently lusting after. Please share some of your current home décor favorites! xox




August 2013



Let’s Talk Frames…

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After reading this post, you may not be so quick to pass by outdated paintings, the next time you are perusing your local thrift stores, antique markets, or garage sales.

What some may not realize is that a Frame can be used for so much for than just showcasing a picture or painting. Here are some of the fun ways we have found to use the unique and ornate frames that we have come across:

1) Turn an old frame into a blackboard

À la Ritz - Ornate Frame Blackboard

With some gold leafing, lots of patience, and some blackboard paint we transformed an old dresser mirror into a glam blackboard/message board.


2) Use a Collection of Empty Frames to Create a Wall Gallery

À la Ritz - Ornate Frame Gallary Collection

Over time we acquired a number of unique and ornately detailed wood frames. Rather than putting art inside each frame, we opted to let the frames be the art themselves by creating a wall gallery. You can do this on a small scale like the one shown above or on a much larger scale covering an entire wall. The key is to make sure you use a variety of shapes and textures; think quality over quantity.


3) Frame Something Out of the Ordinary

À la Ritz - Ornate Frame with Marble Paper

Choose something unexpected to showcase in your frames. Here we have a very ornate and traditional frame, however, rather than selecting the same style of art to place within the frame, we chose to switch it up. A beautiful hand marbled paper is showcased perfectly in this luminous gold frame. The contrasting styles of the frame and paper make the combination très chic.


5) Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

À la Ritz - Ornate Frame with Mirror

Although it may seem expected, not everyone thinks of using an antique frame for a mirror. Whether its in an entry, powder room, or bathroom – wherever you need a mirror consider finding a unique antique frame and have a piece of mirror cut to size. You can create your own custom décor.


I hope you are encouraged to find your own unique frames & turn them into pieces art for your home. Don’t forget to check out our store to see what interesting frames we have tucked away! Click here to shop shop shop!





July 2013



From Antique Dresser Mirror to Gilded Chalk Board

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Antique Dresser Mirror Makeover

When the this poor antique dresser mirror came up at auction, it was like the last picked child on a baseball team. No one wanted to lug it to their car, nor wind up with a shattered mirror on their hands and 7 years of bad luck. But for the right price, I took the gamble becuase I saw the potential in this beauty.

The mirror had a great shape and the wood was in fantastic condition (solid oak!) With a little creativity and A LOT of patience with the gold leafing process, she was transformed into a chic, glamorous balckboard/message board.


It took no time for this piece to find a new home, she was picked up by a local event planner for an event during the Toronto Film Festival!






May 2013



Accessories for you & your Home

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Tray Accessories

Just as any outfit is not complete without the perfect accessories, neither is your home. A little Hermes bracelet for you and a little Hermes throw for your couch ….or so we can dream. Budget aside, the best way to think about decorating, or so I have found, is by treating each little section of your home as its own individual ‘outfit’. Lets take the coffee table for example. Regardless of whether you have chosen an sleek four legged traditional coffee table, or a vintage Louis Vuitton trunk, you can add texture, color, and dimension with accessories, just as you would an ensemble. (more…)




May 2013



Before & After

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1940's Antique Berger Chair


1940’s Antique Bergere Chair- Received a major overhaul- fabric was looking a little bit tired and the wood stain was dated. With luxurious new cream fabric upholstery and a fresh coat of hand painted Paris Grey & dark wax, this bergere has a fresh and elegant new look! This Beuatiful chair is for sale in our shop- take a look & click here